What Drinks To Avoid & Why


Everyone loves a sugary drink except your teeth. Here are some drinks you should avoid taking (or at least cut down on) if you want to keep teeth looking good.


As much as the sky is blue, everyone know that soda is bad for our teeth. We’ll be damned though if we don’t find it delicious to drink and while companies offer sugar-free alternatives to their drinks, it’s always a good reminder to understand just what is going on when soda comes in contact with teeth. This video gives a good idea of that and I’d reccomend not watcihng if you’re sitting with a cola in your hand.


A glass of wine a day is good for the heart as some say, but if you fancy a bit of red in the evening, then you may be doing damage to your teeth. DOn’t forget that it takes a lot of grapes to make wine. And when you mix a bunch of fruit sugars with a bunch of sugars made during the alcohol process, that’s a lot of sugar that will love nothing more than to cling to your teeth, although it is easy enough to remove

Bottled Water

Water can be bad for your teeth? Surely this must be a mistake. Well, why good old tap water can help get rid of any sugars that are just sitting on your teeth waiting to stain away, bottled water has one big difference that stops it from being so good. A bottle of water doesn’t contain any natural flourides as they have to be removed during the bottling process. So if you think drinking bottled water is good for your teeth, you need to spend more time just getting a glass from the tap.



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