Use Better Toothpaste


Ditch the supersize tube you get a good deal on in the supermarket and learn to start taking better care of your teeth when you brush in the morning and night. Here are some different types of toothpaste to try out.

Himalaya Herbal

A big problem for people with sensitive teeth who brush a lot is the unwanted welcome of bleeding gums. Himalaya herbal is a vegetarian friendly toothpaste containing Bishop’s Weed, Neem & Pomegranate, which aims to help stop troublesome gums and uses natural fluoride to help strengthen teeth.


Not all toothpaste needs to be minty and that’s certainly the case with Euthymol. With an underlying taste of eucalyptus, you’ll most commonly find this as a powder that you dip a wet brush in to before having a foamy scrub with it. A lot of people swear by it as a hidden gem to help give their teeth a more natural white look.


I’m always interested in dearer toothpastes you see on the shelf because I always wonder if they really can do a good job of getting your teeth to look better. Opalescence is roughly £11 per tube and (according to Amazon) has the highest enamel fluoride uptake or any toothpaste out there. Ideally it would be for people who have had teeth whitened recently and want to keep it that way while still being able to drink coffee.

Activated Charcoal

Now this is the “hottest” product out there right now in terms of toothpaste. You might see a lot of black tubes popping up in your local chemists and wondered just what the hell is inside. You might be surprised to find that it’s mostly black toothpaste (and powder) that is supposed to help your teeth look amazing.

While rubbing something black to make it white doesn’t sound quite right, charcoal is meant to be a natural activator on the surface of a tooth and can help get rid of troublesome acids with ease.

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