How To Get A Natural Smile


Everyone wants a perfectly white smile but it is incredibly hard to get, so how can anyone try and get themselves a more natural looking white smile? Here are some tips!

Paste & Powder

So when you’re finished brushing your teeth, do you rise the brush and put it back to finish up, or go and reach for the mouthwash? If you like to be a little regimental with how you take care of your teeth, why not try throwing some tooth powder in to the mix. Tooth powder is a bit like buffing your floor after mopping it. A lot of stores are now stocking tooth powder and once you past the weird feeling of rubbing something quite ashy your mouth, tooth powder can do a great job of leaving a strong sheen on the surface. I will usually only use it at night before bed as a good brush with it should take 3 minutes (on top of your usual brush)

Point A Laser

Using bleach to whiten your teeth is a little dangerous and not particular good for your gum. There are a lot of clinics in the UK which now offer laser teeth whitening and it is a safer alternative. Lasers can lift stains off the surface with less risk and are also great at working on what are known as “spots”. If you’re someone who has previously damaged a tooth and has an annoying discoloured spot on a tooth, this is the ideal of getting rid of it.

Understand that whitening floss isn’t a thing

So if you have a lovely whitening floss in your bathroom I’m going to have to break the bad news to you: it doesn’t whiten anything. While the product is marketed in this way, what whitening floss does is just help to remove gunk between your teeth better. In most special flosses you’ll have what is known asĀ abrasive silica. This is a micro-coating that when rubbed against a tooth can help lift dirt while polishing and not cause as much harm on your gums.

Learn more about gum health

A good smile isn’t all down to brushing harder or chewing gum more throughout the day. All tooth health originates from your gums. Have bad gums and then you’re going to have a bad smile too. Your gums are constantly working hard to protect your teeth and give them what they need, so any products you use to make it easy do have added benefits. One tip I always advise people start using is to “toughen” up gums when flossing.

If you find that gums will easily bleed when a bit of gloss rubs against them, swirl your mouthwash in that area more, brush more gently around the gum line and massage the gums with your brush.



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